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Indoor team building events

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Thankfully the snow has disappeared (for now) but it’s still very cold outside and so many event organisers look towards hosting indoor team building events, where the weather won’t make any difference to the success of the event.

We have many years of delivering effective and successful team events indoors. With a wide range to choose from events such as Team Apprentice, Catwalk Challenge and Team Olympics, we can engage your delegates and communicate your company message extremely effectively.

Space, numbers and time slots don’t prevent you from hosting an indoor team building activity, you could have 2000 delegates, in a theatre style set up and only 10 minutes available and we could still deliver an event that would create such a wow factor it really would astonish you.

If you think your team could benefit from an indoor team building activity then please do give our experienced events team a call today and we can talk you through your different options for hosting a wonderful event.

Rock Salted Team Building

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The forming of ice on our roads is something that affects us all each year in some way or another. We all expect the roads to be usable, but often don’t give a passing thought to those who work hard to keep them open – namely, the people who operate the gritting technology. When it comes to effective team building, the personnel involved in this process really need to have their already team built – as it were.

It has to be planned carefully, so that those tonnes of grit (or rock salt) do not get wasted. The people who make those decisions have to communicate very effectively with the people who drive the gritting machines – as timing is of the essence. If grit is laid down too early, it can get blown away by passing traffic; if it is laid down too late then the ice has already formed and it is more difficult for it to break the ice down. More problems are caused in the big cities if the ice coincides with rush hour – in this case the traffic is so bunged up that the gritter lorries cannot do their work.

The team effort is crucial in these circumstances; a well co-ordinated effort can mean the difference between success and failure – preventing accidents and keeping the country moving.

Here at Accolade we have an eye for a good bit of team building too – and we have a superb range of team building events to help you and your team perform as effectively as our winter gritting heroes – so why not give us a call and find out about them now.

Winter Team Building Tips

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

It’s cold and its dark, it’s December and it’s winter, it’s time for some inspiring team building events to motivate your team. But what should you look out for when planning an outdoor team building event in the day in December? Here are five top tips to help ensure your corporate event is a huge success:

1. If you choose an outdoor event, remember that it gets dark early in December, so your teams won’t be able to see vital clues or equipment.
2. Have a wet weather plan. If it rains then it’s going to rain very coldly, make sure you have an effective remedy for this to make sure your teams are warm and dry.
3. Invitations – diaries get very full in December, with all the festive invites it’s crucial that you invite your team as early as possible to ensure maximum turn out.
4. Plan regular refreshment breaks so that your team can warm up with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
5. Plan your team activity wisely and choose in occurrence to the season, a wet it’s a Knockout won’t be very pleasant to take part in if it’s a cold winter day…brrrrr!

These are just a small selection of different things to consider when you are planning a winter team building event, we specialise in thinking about all the eventualities so give our team at Accolade Corporate Events a call and let us start planning your next successful team event.