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Winter Team Building Tips

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

It’s cold and its dark, it’s December and it’s winter, it’s time for some inspiring team building events to motivate your team. But what should you look out for when planning an outdoor team building event in the day in December? Here are five top tips to help ensure your corporate event is a huge success:

1. If you choose an outdoor event, remember that it gets dark early in December, so your teams won’t be able to see vital clues or equipment.
2. Have a wet weather plan. If it rains then it’s going to rain very coldly, make sure you have an effective remedy for this to make sure your teams are warm and dry.
3. Invitations – diaries get very full in December, with all the festive invites it’s crucial that you invite your team as early as possible to ensure maximum turn out.
4. Plan regular refreshment breaks so that your team can warm up with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
5. Plan your team activity wisely and choose in occurrence to the season, a wet it’s a Knockout won’t be very pleasant to take part in if it’s a cold winter day…brrrrr!

These are just a small selection of different things to consider when you are planning a winter team building event, we specialise in thinking about all the eventualities so give our team at Accolade Corporate Events a call and let us start planning your next successful team event.