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Fun Team Building Activities Boost Morale

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Since the general election we’ve all heard about cut backs, difficult times ahead and general gloom, it doesn’t matter how well your company is doing, there’s an uneasy feeling in the workplace as people are just uncertain about their futures. You need to ensure that despite the climate, your team put their hearts and souls into their job, each and every person is crucial to your companies success, fun team building activities help you to boost morale and focus for the year ahead.

If you are thinking about hosting a team activity, you may want to break away from traditional and perhaps more dull tasks such as group hugs and raft building, try something fun instead! If your team are having fun, then they will be building harmony and opening the channels of communication. You may look at an individual team building event and ask how this is going to help productivity as the task has no relevance to your business but it’s the people we are building, the human skills that are needed for success.

In our fun team building activities, you can look to increase morale, build communication bridges and revive a positive attitude within your company workplace. If you would like more information, then give us a call at Accolade Corporate Events, we love giving you examples of how we can help your business.

Summer Fun Team Building Events

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Light nights, warm weather and hopefully no rain all combined together make for perfect summer fun team building events! There’s no better time to get your team out of the work environment and into the fresh air whilst taking part in some great team away day activities.

By hosting a fun company event, you’ll be giving your team a midyear boost, ensuring that communication continues to flow back in the work place, boosting morale and keeping your people working succinctly as a team, which has a knock on beneficial business bonus.

Team building doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune, by hosting the event at your offices or using them as a starting and finishing point, you can ensure a cost effective option. We have got such a great wide and varied selection of summer team events to choose from that fit a broad spectrum of budgets. From motivating team treasure hunts to the hugely fun team School Sports Day – there’s something for every company!

If you would like to take advantage of the good weather and organsie a team building event, then please give our events team a call today.