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Team Building to Engage and Motivate an International Team

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

With so many global businesses choosing to host conferences that bring delegates from all over the world, we often get asked how they can effectively engage and motivate their teams. Events organisers often worry that the focus of any team building or corporate entertainment may be too much on the culture of the hosting country, it’s an understandable concern as it’s crucial that you don’t alienate your audience but it’s totally avoidable.

We’ve hosted many conference events for international delegates both large and small, in the UK and across the globe and all with amazing results. The key to success seems somewhat obvious, it’s knowledge. We take the time to find out our clients objectives and exactly what they want to achieve. By tailoring our team building solutions, we can effectively manage any size group from any amount of different countries.

Let me give you an example; an international company was hosting a three day conference in Portugal for 120 delegates. The client wanted inspirational team building throughout the conference, they wanted to energise, motivate and bring together their company, to send their delegates away feeling that they had a shared vision and sense of belonging even though a large proportion couldn’t speak to each other because of language barriers. We were able to deliver an effective programme through music icebreaker activities. Throughout all three of our activities, no words were spoken, direction was given through hand signals and non verbal communication and the results were truly amazing. The events organiser was delighted at the level of engagement and motivation that our events produced.

Another example; A small group of 40 senior level international banking VIP’s were attending a high profile conference in London and the events organiser wanted to host corporate entertainment in the evening that would entertain the level of guest and not alienate them through lack of understanding of cultural references. After careful discussions, the client chose Team Millionaire, a game show format that has been rolled out internationally by TV stations and is recognised by a large proportion even if they don’t watch the show. By tailoring the questions to include company questions we hosted an truly successful evening for the client who commented that her CEO in New York had been receiving thank you emails and hugely positive feedback and she felt it was a total success.

So, as you can see there are real effective possibilities, we can and will engage and motivate your team. If you are looking to organise your next event and would like to talk through the possibilities, then please give our events team a call on 0800 083 1172 or contact us.

Find Fresh Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Yes, we know it’s only September and Christmas in our personal life is a few months off yet but when you look at the corporate world, it’s been steadily getting busier and busier with company’s booking up their Christmas party entertainment. So if you don’t want your team to miss out on the peak date or the most fun and productive entertainment, then you really should start planning it now.

We have many different types of entertainment here at Accolade Corporate Events, if you can tell us a little bit about your party, how many people you have attending, what you have hosted in previous years and what budget you are working towards, then we can come up with a whole host of different options for you to consider.

From team gameshows such as Team Millioniare and Team Generation Game to Giant Wii Winter Olympic competitions and Casino Evenings, we really have got something for everyone.

You may be a little uncertain about what corporate entertainment you would like to host this year, so why not save yourself time and pick up the phone and talk to us, we can explain your different options quickly and easily. Give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and ask for Mandy, she’s our company Christmas party expert!

Find Team Building Events on Facebook

Friday, August 27th, 2010

We are all very excited at Accolade Corporate Events as our revamped facebook page goes live next week! It’s going to be fun and interactive and there will be some great special offers to be found.

Take part in our online polls, tell us what you thought of events we have hosted, look at photos and ask the experts your team building questions. Our Facebook fan page is going to be an ideal forum for us to connect with you all so please do visit us, write something on our wall and stay in touch.

If you are looking to host a team building event or arrange corporate entertainment then please give our friendly team a call today on 0800 083 1172.

Christmas Corporate Entertainment

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Yes it really is that time of year that a lot of Christmas party organisers start thinking about their company Christmas party. We are being inundated with enquiries for December and January, with everyone looking at peak Thursday and Friday nights, so if you are planning to host Christmas entertainment then don’t delay!

We have a wide range of different corporate entertainment to choose from, you can have company quiz shows that run throughout the courses of your meal, a giant games night, video horse racing our list really is endless.

If you are uncertain of what would be the right Christmas party entertainment for your group or are unsure of what your budget could get for you, then please give our events team at Accolade Corporate Events a call today and we will be happy to run through the different possibilities – lets make your Christmas party a great success!

Objectives for Christmas Party Entertainment

Monday, July 26th, 2010

This year is certainly proving to be the year of the company Christmas party, where some clients have held back on corporate entertainment in the year, they are sending out a message loud and clear by celebrating Christmas and another year in business.

It’s a common myth that companies host Christmas party’s just because it’s Christmas, it’s not just the time of year that is significant but it’s the message that the celebration delivers and that’s success. Even more so this year, we at Accolade Corporate Events are monitoring clients reasons for hosting not only the party but the entertainment that they choose and how many people they invite.

We’ve already established that our clients want to say thank you to their team, they know that it has been a tough year and this is the time where they want to give back. There is an increase in the number of Christmas entertainment events that are happening in the daytime, companies are taking their teams out of the workplace and utilising the festive celebration as a Christmas team building event at the same time, which we think is a smart move.

When you are organising company Christmas party speak to the corporate entertainment experts, we can give you a whole range of different style of events to directly meet your objectives but with the festive season already in full swing, then don’t delay or you could find peak dates are sold out.

Ideas for Company Christmas Parties

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Many companies are focusing on their company Christmas parties as their main corporate event this year, so it’s vital that the event is a huge success. When you are planning a corporate entertainment evening you need to ensure that it sends out the right message to your team.

The first thing to verify is the budget, work out how much you have to spend and how many people are attending. The next thing you have to do is to tell the corporate event company what that budget is. There is a popular myth that it’s better not to disclose your budget but that gives enourmous headaches to party organisers and we’ll try to explain why. If you have 100 people attending a party and you want entertainment and a dinner and you won’t tell us the budget, we have to guess the following criteria; the standard of venue, which we may choose not a good enough standard or one that’s too expensive, you could look at the selection and decide that we have no idea what we are doing because of the choices we’ve had to make.

The Christmas party games vary hugely in cost. You may have a budget that denotes fun casino tables or you may have a budget that could give you a corporate gameshow and then a disco afterwards but we have no idea if you won’t tell us your budget.

When we at Accolade Corporate Events get given a budget by a client, we like to give you options, a selection below your budget and then a selection bang on budget, this is because we want you to choose the right company Christmas party entertainment for you, it’s not all about getting you to spend every last penny as we believe if you are happy with your choice this year, there’s every chance you will come back to us next year.

If you are looking for ideas for company Christmas parties, then give us a call today as we have a huge range of up to date exciting ideas for you.

Tips for Corporate Events Planning

Monday, June 14th, 2010

If you are responsible for your company corporate events then you’ll want to ensure that they maximise their potential. With so many businesses competing to win contract,you need to ensure that your corporate business events stand out from the crowd and get a good attendance.

Firstly you need to get some great corporate events ideas, research carefully what your competitors are hosting as their corporate entertainment and if you can, discreetly find out how the event went. Perhaps you ave a friendly relationship with someone that attended that night and can ask them, what they did and if many people turned up on the night or day. This way you can get a feel for what corporate event entertainment may work well for your company.

Company’s have often found that offering potentially lucrative clients the chance to attend a team building event has worked well. Your company hosts team building games exclusively for the client, allowing you access to a large amount of their team over an extended period. This has been extremely effective especially as this can be hosted in the daytime away from the temptation of alcohol, allowing you to subtly get your message across and build excellent rapport.

We have a wide range of team building ideas and corporate entertainment ideas, so if you are think about corporate events planning then please give our team a call today as we can help you maximise your investment.