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Conference Energisers: Banish The Boring From Your Business Event

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

conference energisers and corporate eventsNo matter how hard companies try, business conferences are often considered to be boring and ineffective by its employees. Read how conference energizers can turn your boring corporate event into a fun, productive experience for your entire company.

Bringing together your employees for a conference is a great way to communicate your business message to your entire workforce.  Whether this is a small team of 20 or so people, or many thousands of employees scattered across the country, bringing everyone together under one roof makes practical sense when you need to address your staff.

However, conferences can be dull.  Delegates often dread them, fearing that they will have to spend the day in an uncomfortable chair being talked at, or be made to watch power point presentation after presentation until they feel they need matchsticks to prop their eyes open.

conference energiserBut, conferences need not be like this, by using conference energisers you can break up the day with some fun and informal segments.  Not only will these, as the name suggests, liven up proceedings and ensure that no-one drops off during the accounts presentation, they are also a great way to break the ice between the delegates and the conference organisers, as well as introduce different employees to each other.

Delegates who are enthused by a conference are more likely to go away remembering your important key messages and feel inspired once back at their workspace.

Conference energisers can be used in many different ways, from an ice breaker at the beginning of a conference, to a way to enforce a particular brand message via a fun game show or music based team building event.

The time period of the conference energisers is entirely up to you.  They can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes—whatever you feel best suits your company needs and gives the maximum benefit to your delegates.  Two of our most popular conference energisers are the HAKA and Junk Funk .

There are always certain points in the day where spirits and attention may wane.  After lunch is often a time where, with full bellies, delegates can feel a little sleepy, this is a great time to introduce an energiser to get everyone back on board and ready to start again.

The final couple of hours of a conference can drag, with delegates checking their watches and willing it to end.  Information overload can occur and the tendency for minds to wander is high.   A fun energiser such as a music based conference energiser towards the tail end of your conference can really reinforce your message and leave your delegates feeling positive and inspired and sure to remember the conference for years to come.

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Case Study: Motivating Delegates at a Conference which had No Common Language

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

We had a client approach us with a brief that they felt was very difficult to fulfil. They had 200 delegates who were gathering for a conference being hosted in Belgium over two days. Their objectives were to motivate, energise and bring everyone together at the same time and build them as one global team with one voice. They wanted two sessions, each of which had to build with impact and on the final day the delegates were to be left on a high.

So to summarise, 200 delegates, no common language and the need for two events that truly motivated them – no problem! We could instantly recommend events that built energy, team spirit and enthusiasm.
Music became the company’s common language and without saying one single word of any language our superb music masters guided the delegates through the conference energisers.

Starting on the first day with our Clap Happy we gave the conference a short burst of colourful unity, the second day saw a motivational, energising and uniting session with our Junk Funk. Both of the events were extremely successful and the client’s objectives were not only met but exceeded. By listening to the objectives and overcoming perceived obstacles we delivered two powerful events and have kept the client as a regular customer for Accolade Corporate Events

Using energisers to make the most of your next conference

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

It doesn’t matter how interesting you think your conference material to be there comes a time when your delegates body clocks will kick in and the yawns will start, so that vital company message may be missed as delegates minds begin to wander.

Conferences aren’t necessarily cheap to organise, you have the venue and all of your delegates time to attend the conference so it’s crucial that your message gets heard.

Conference energisers can reclaim your conference for you. They’ll not only wake everyone up but leave them on such a high with your message being understood, digested and enthusiastically embraced. The team energiser may only last ten minutes but it will be worth it and it will be money well worth investing.

If you would like to speak to someone about organising a conference energiser then please call one of our experienced team today.

Conference Energisers for your next Corporate Event

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

It’s about this time of year that we have clients calling us up for conference energisers for meetings they are planning for the early part of the new year and this years no exception.

There’s a general feeling from our clients that the economy is starting to improve and they want their teams to seize the positive energy within the market place. That’s why it’s so important not to have a meeting that is dull, that lacks energy and that sends your team away feeling sluggish. If you are going to grab new opportunities and make the market place work for you, you need an energised, positive team of people that are enthusiastic about the year to come.

We have a wide variety of conference energisers that have been specifically designed to be personalised for your company message. It doesn’t matter if you have a small group of 15 or a large group of 2000, we will have an activity that will engage and effect every single person within your team.

Why not give our events team a call today and we can discuss the different ideas for your next .company meeting