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A-Z of Corporate Event Planning part 2

Friday, April 5th, 2013

school sports day 2

Here’s the second part of our A-Z list of some of the most important factors to consider when hosting a corporate event regardless of whether it is a small team building event or a large 1000+ delegate conference.

N – Numbers

Obviously it is important to work out early on how many delegates you want to attend your corporate event.  The number of invites will determine the type of venue you need and the scale of the catering required.

O – Outdoors

While British summers are known for their length or warmth, let this not deter you from considering an outdoor corporate event.  From fun family days to inflatable team building events, the great outdoors offers a vast variety of events that your team will enjoy.

P – Potential

Team building events offer your team the chance to show their true potential.  Often, doing the same job day in day can lead a person to not think outside of the box and showcase some of their skills.  A good team building event will help a person to stretch themselves and unearth some hidden talents.

Q – Quiz Shows

Quiz and game shows are great team building activities as well as superb ice breakers for larger corporate events such as company dinners or conferences.   Inclusive and fun, everyone enjoys a trip down memory lane playing a retro quiz show such as Blankety Blank or Play Your Cards.

R – Reward

Corporate and team building events can be hosted as rewards for your team’s hard work throughout the year.  Annual balls, Christmas parties and dinner dances are a great way to say thank you and have the added bonus of raising morale and increasing company loyalty.

S – Skillset

Team building events are an excellent way of discovering and capitalising on your teams skillsets.  Whether you need to focus on communication, time management or productivity, we can tailor a team building event to suit your exact business needs.

T – Team Building

Not only do team building events increase skillsets as mentioned in the previous point, they are also excellent business tools for improve working relationships.  Used to bring together different departments or to better harmonise existing teams, team building events help to break down any walls and have colleagues respecting each other and striving to help each other in their working goals.

U – Understanding

You need to understand the needs of your delegates and what they hope to get out of the event, and in turn we need to fully understand what you want to achieve from your corporate event.

V – Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your corporate event can be a time consuming task, particularly if you want to host your event in a different town or city.   Because we have a great working knowledge of venues across the country and overseas, we can find the perfect venue for your corporate event.

W – Working Relationships

Allowing colleagues or business acquaintances to network and mingle at your corporate event can only improve working relationships.   Providing areas where people can chat, meet each other and swap business cards will enhance business opportunities and allow colleagues to get to know each other better.

X – Xmas Party

Even April is not too soon to be thinking, and indeed booking, your Christmas party.  The best venues get snapped up very quickly in the year so if you want your 2013 Christmas party to be the one that everyone remembers you need to start preparing now.

Y – Yes

Yes is a positive word, and that is exactly what you want from your corporate event.  Embracing all that is positive about your company and your employees will have everyone on board and eager to listen to your company message.


Not something you want to see at your corporate event.  Make sure your event keeps everyone’s attention and doesn’t become dull and boring leading to delegates fighting the urge to catch a few zzzzs.  Conference fillers and energisers, along with a good mix of speakers will ensure that your event is a success.

A-Z of Corporate Event Planning Part 1

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
school sports day 2

Corporate Events

Organising a corporate event can be fraught with worry.  Using our services will certainly take a lot of the stress and strain out of hosting a corporate event, but there are still some things you will need to consider.

We’ve written an A-Z list of some of the most important factors to consider when hosting a corporate event regardless of whether it is a small team building event or a large 1000+ delegate conference.

A – Agenda

Every corporate event needs an agenda otherwise mayhem will quickly takeover.  A clear start, middle and end with scheduled breaks are essential.  You will also need to ensure that delegate’s interests are kept sharp, so paying attention to the timings of different aspects of the day is also important—even the most polished and entertaining public speaker will only hold the audiences’ attention for so long!

B – Business

Corporate events are all about business, whether it is to increase business by inviting potential clients and customers to a conference or to improve the way your business works via team building events.  Tell us what needs improving in your business and we can tailor a team building event to suit your needs.

C – Conferences

We here at Accolade Corporate Events specialise in conferences.  You provide the subject and content and let us deal with all the nitty gritty such as venues, entertainment, energisers and catering.

D – Delegates

Obviously the delegates are the most important factor of any corporate event.  Keeping them happy by holding their interest, making them comfortable, catering for them if necessary and providing them with a platform to network and make new business contacts is essential.

E – Entertainment

Whilst corporate events need to have a serious business angle to them, there is no law that says they cannot be fun.  In fact, injecting some fun and entertainment into a corporate event will ensure that delegates remember the event, take away the most from it and leave feeling good about working for or with your company.

F – Family Fun Days

Corporate entertainment doesn’t have to be just about employees.   Serious brownie points can be won and morale boosted if you include the partners and families of employees in your corporate entertainment plans.   Whether this extends to inviting partners to corporate functions or hosting a family fun day where your team can mix socially with their colleagues and families is entirely up to you.

G – Goals

For any corporate event to truly work we need to know what you want to get out of the event.  Do you want to challenge employees’ skills, showcase a new product or service or simply reward your team for their hard work over the year?

H – Hotels

Because Accolade Corporate Events are an independent company we are not tied to any particular hotel chain.  This give us great bargaining power when it comes to finding conference and team building event venues as well as negotiating the best prices for hotel rooms for delegates.

I – Invitations

To ensure you get the best venue for your corporate event you need to decide how many delegates you want to invite.  For the best turn out, invitations should be sent out a couple of months in advance so that people can plan their diaries around the event.

J – Junk Funk Energisers

Conference energisers and fillers such as our Junk Funk, Boomwhackers or Quiz shows are a great way to break the ice at the beginning of a corporate event or can be used as entertainment between courses at an evening meal.  The energisers are loud, fun and memorable and designed to empower and engage delegates.

K – Keynote Speakers

Inviting along keynote speakers to your company conference is a great way to introduce a different dimension to your event.  Keynote speakers can either be celebrities or someone from another business field who you think can offer valuable insight that could benefit your business.

L – Location

The location for your corporate event is one of the first things you should consider.  If all of your employees work in the same place then it makes sense to hold the event locally.  However, if you have a large nationwide or even worldwide employee base then you need to find a location that is central to most delegates, or a place large enough to hold them all.

M –Musical Activities

Attending any corporate event where the day is filled with person after person talking at you can be very trying and not mention tiring.  Injecting some musical activity to your corporate event will not only make the event memorable but also give a much need boost to the audience and liven up proceedings.  From drumming workshops to our HAKA conference energizer, these musical activities will certainly wake up the sleepiest of delegates and greatly aid you getting across your company message.

Inviting Partners to Corporate Events

Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days

It is often a difficult decision to make:  whether or not to invite employees’ partners to corporate events.   But there can be added bonuses to inviting the wives, husbands and significant others to certain corporate events, whereas there are definitely some occasions where it isn’t so advisable.

Inviting partners to corporate events shows that you value the employee and respect that they have a life outside of the office.  Taking the chance to meet your employees’ partners will help to build better working relationships and people are more likely to be loyal to a company who acknowledge and include their partners.

Obviously there are certain corporate events where having partners there will be an unwelcome distraction.  Conferences, seminars and training days should be about business and corporate networking.  In addition, many team building events are designed to help bring colleagues together so outside influences may dilute any effect.  However, that said, there is no reason why partners couldn’t be invited to any night-time event that followed a conference or team building event.

Inviting Partners to Evening Corporate Events

Christmas parties and office balls are the corporate events where employees are most often asked to bring along their partners.  And it makes sense to do so; many feel that their partner should also be treated to a chance to dress up and have a glam night out.  For many employees it is an added bonus that they have someone there at their side, particularly if they are new or don’t necessarily feel part of the in-crowd at work.  For others, they like the opportunity to introduce their partner to their colleagues and widen their social network.

If there isn’t the budget to pay for partners at your next social corporate event, you could offer a chance for partners to accompany employees if they pay towards their own meal, or you could make everyone pay for their own meal while you pick up the bar tab and provide the entertainment.

Getting the Whole Family Involved with Family Fun Days

Getting the entire family together for a company day out is something that used to happen a lot at large companies years ago.  Whether it was an annual works’ trip to the seaside or a summer fete on the grounds, employees used to look forward to bringing their families to mix with their colleagues.

Sadly, this practice seems to be on the decline, but holding a family fun day is a great way to raise morale and thank your employees and their families for all their hard work.   Often the family fun day is linked to a charitable event so you can raise money for good causes as well as treat your employees.

Family fun days can be great team building events with the whole of the family participating in fun activities such as It’s A Knock Out or Crystal Maze.

9 Tips to help business grow through team building

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

team building events

All businesses, regardless of size, rely on their workforce for success.  The better the staff work together as a team, the more successful that business will be.  Team building leads to better communication, enhanced trust and increased loyalty – all major assets for your business.

A business that neglects team building may suddenly find themselves with a workforce that feels negatively towards each other and the company.  This will quickly spiral into lack of communication, mistrust and employees scouring the jobs section of the local newspaper.

How can you make it easier to bring everyone together and enhance team building?

  1.  Trust employees to do their jobs

Allowing team members to own their roles and accept responsibility.  Ensure that everyone has the correct tools for the job in hand and then allow them to get on with it in their own way.  Constantly meddling, or checking up on a person’s work will only lead to bitterness and lack of trust.  Most employees want to do their very best and they will come to you if they need help or guidance, trust them to do this.

  1. Use the skillsets people possess

Don’t allow talented people to go to waste in your organisation.  Attending team building events will help to unearth some of the natural talents that your employees possess, once you’ve discovered them, incorporate them into their roles to bring out the best in them.

  1. Nip negativity in the bud

If your company has undergone major restructuring or has had to make some people redundant, you may find that some of the team may start to feel quite negatively about their role and the company.   Address this with either a team building event or a corporate event that brings everyone together and galvanises them to look to the future in a more positive light.

  1. Consider using mentors

Using mentors works especially well with new staff.  Pair people up with positive influences who can help guide them in their early career with your company and be sure to get regular feedback.

  1. Challenge people

Setting targets and goals for people not only gives them something to strive for, but will also enhance their sense of pride within their role once they fulfil those challenges.  Team building will be improved if they have to rely on one another to achieve the goals set.

  1. Acknowledge that everyone has a home life

Making sure that your employees have a good home/work life balance is essential for keeping everyone happy.  Not expecting people to work weekends, late nights and excessive hours, along with being flexible about hours and working from home will result in happier employees.  Invite partners to social corporate events, and consider having family days where everyone can join in the fun.

  1. Have a buddy system

Not only will this give employees extra skills, it also means that you’re covered if anyone suddenly leaves or is off work with a long-term illness.  Allowing team members to buddy up will mean they have to improve their working relationship and trust one another to fulfil the role in their absence.

  1.  Hold regular team meetings

Communication is key to good team building, but it must be two-way.   Listen as well as inform, and get everyone around a table to contribute to find solutions to any issues and discuss how to drive the business forward.

  1. Reward

Rewarding teams who work well together is one of the best ways to ensure that people continue to think as a unit rather than individually.

3 Tips to Help Make Employees Who Work from Home Feel Part of the Team

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Having remote workers make sense for a lot of businesses, not only does it suit a lot of employees to work from home, particularly if they have a long commute or young families to look after, but it can also keep down costs that occur with office based staff.  However, it is all too easy for those who work from home to feel out of the loop, to become alienated and isolated from the rest of the workforce.

Simply adding their name to the email mailing list or speaking occasionally on the telephone isn’t enough to make employees who work from home feel like they are part of a team.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to help employees who work from home feel more included and help them realise they are an integral and important employee in your business.

Use Technology to Hold Face to Face Meetings

The use of Skype can be vital in holding face to face meetings with remote employees.  Holding a Skype call rather than a usual telephone call will help people to connect better with their colleagues, not to mention give them a reason to get changed out of their pyjamas.   Video conference calls can also be made via Skype.

Another alternative for group sessions is the Google plus hangout facility which can be a great tool to be used for team meetings for remote based employees.

Invite Remote Workers to Social Events

Inviting those who work from home to regular social events that occur in the work’s calendar is a great way to include everyone.  Obviously distance plays a big part in whether a person is able to attend or not, but if they work in the same town as their colleagues then they should always be invited.

It is even more essential that remote workers get invited to large corporate events, not only do these events keep everyone informed as to what is happening in the business, they are a vital chance to meet and network with new colleagues.  Not inviting remote employees to such events will only serve to alienate them and make them feel their input isn’t important to the business.

Get Everyone Together for a Team Building Event

Bringing remote and onsite employees together for a team building event is an excellent opportunity to help forge strong and lasting working relationships that can only enhance your business and make the remote employees feel appreciated and raise their morale.

8 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Conference

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Corporate Conference

A conference is one of the most effective ways of relaying information to your workforce and late winter and early spring are often the times when companies start to think about the preparation needed for their annual corporate conference.

Conferences take a lot of time to prepare for and cost a lot of money to host, so it’s vital that your conference achieves what you set out to do and gives the best return on investment.

Here are some of our top tips for planning a successful corporate conference.

Plan Early

Venues and hotels need to be booked, speakers and delegates need to be invited and keynote speeches and presentations need to be written.  The longer amount of time you leave for planning, the more successful your conference will be.


Using an events management company such as Accolade Corporate Events means that you don’t get bogged down with all the little details.  We have a vast database of venues, hotels. artists, entertainers, specialist equipment, caterers, and any other services needed to ensure the smooth running of a conference, we can save you both money and the hassle of ringing around and trying to find the best people for the job at the best price.

Pick your location

Do you want the conference in your home town, or would you prefer a location that is more central to those attending?  With cheap flights to Europe available through budget airlines, many companies now choose to host their conferences overseas.

Consider your venue

You need somewhere big enough to comfortably house all the delegates as well as a break-out area where people can mingle, stretch their legs and network whilst grabbing some refreshments.

Your venue should also be easy for delegates to get to by car, rail or airplane.  Decide whether you need parking facilities and if you need to be near a hotel for delegates to stay in.

Invite keynote speakers

Inviting interesting and successful people to come and deliver a keynote speech at your conference will add a completely different dimension for the delegates.  The keynote speaker doesn’t have to be industry related, just inspiring and entertaining.

Invite the delegates

Decide who you want to attend your conference.  Will it be for all employees, or just from a certain level up?  Do you want to invite existing customers and potential clients?  Be sure to send out your invitations well in advance of the conference date.

Keep the delegates attention

A delegate only has a limited attention span, and being talked at by a succession of directors can quickly drain them of their attention threshold and leave them fighting off the urge to fall asleep.

Using conference energisers and fillers will ensure that everybody is alert, lively and more importantly listening to the information you are relaying.

Add in some corporate entertainment

This is particularly useful if delegates have travelled across the country to be at the conference.  A dinner and dance after the conference or a fun and informal team building event the following day will make attending the conference a much more pleasant experience.
Thanks for reading our article! Are you looking to book a corporate conference? Be sure to contact Accolade for a FREE, no-hassle consultation today!

Using Conference Energisers and Filler at Large Scale Conferences

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

conference energizers for large conferences

When hosting a large scale conference for a thousand delegates or more, it is difficult to hold and keep everyone’s attention.  It is all too easy in a warm and dimly lit room for delegates to find themselves feeling tired and weary, and dare we say it, bored!

We know how important it is for your message to be heard, but we also recognise the best way to do this is by having everyone alert and awake when you deliver it.  You can have the most entertaining speakers talking about the most riveting subjects, but it is inevitable that delegates’ minds will wonder and they’ll start thinking of their journey home or what to make for dinner that night, some may even fall asleep and there will certainly be plenty fighting the urge to do so.

By injecting some conference energisers into the day you can be assured that not only will everyone be fully absorbing all the relevant information, but they will go away buzzing from the conference, fully engaging people before you deliver your message is the best way to ensure that you keep their attention.

Conference energisers are excellent tools for ice breaking and filling in between speakers.  They are fully interactive and great for motivating the delegates whilst injecting some much needed humour into an otherwise serious business conference.

There are three key stages of a conference that really benefit from conference energisers: the beginning of the conference to break the ice and help everyone to feel relaxed, straight after lunch to banish any full stomach lethargy, and towards the end of the conference to round off the day on an informal high.

Conference energisers can be anything from 15 to 90 minutes long and with some there isn’t even a need for people to leave their seats for.  Most of the conference energisers can take place in the main auditorium so you don’t need to go to the additional expense of hiring extra rooms.

Music Conference Energisers

Music conference energisers are most often requested for the after lunch slot.  They are a great tool for revitalising and uplifting the delegates in preparation for the second half of your corporate message.

Often a complete surprise to the delegates, these fun and sometimes wacky energisers will have everyone on their feet joining in making music.  Our Junk Funk, Boomwhackers and Drumming workshops probably wouldn’t get far on Britain’s Got Talent, but they will certainly make your conference a lot more fun and memorable.

Team Building Conference Energisers

Many of our team building events can be tailored to fit into a conference.  These team building energisers will help the delegates to bond, whilst allowing them to showcase their skills to a different audience.

Quiz and Game Show Conference Fillers

Conference fillers based on popular quiz and game shows are an excellent way to break the ice at the start of a conference, or they can be tailored to help deliver your company message.  Individual volunteers from the delegates can participate or the speakers can use crowd participation as part of their presentation.

Thanks for reading our article! Are you interested in planning conference energizers for your next big conference? Be sure to contact Accolade for a free consultation on how we can help make it a success!