Team Building Events for Introverts

Not everyone is super confident and likes to put themselves out there, in fact many people are actually quite shy and would prefer to blend into the background without drawing too much attention to themselves.  This isn’t to say that they aren’t vital and well respected members of the team, introverts are certainly no less efficient at their jobs.  They may not want to be leaders, but they tend to be meticulous and are often great at skills such as planning and attention to detail.

For every extrovert, it figures that there must also be an introvert.  This balance is vital to most teams as they usually possess very different skill sets and the two sets of skills bought together can only enhance a team and make it stronger.

When it comes to team building events, many introverts will dread them.  Scared they will be forced outside of their comfort zone and be made to embarrass themselves, they will often try to get out of attending them, offering to stay and man the office instead or sometimes even go to the lengths of phoning in sick to avoid them.

However, by choosing the right activity, introverts can get a lot out of attending a team building event.  Choosing events that play to everyone’s strength will give the introvert the chance to shine without necessarily putting themselves in the spot light.

Most of our team building events require a variety of skills to complete the tasks, many of which will suit the introvert and really get them to showcase their skills without needing to do any presenting, public speaking or anything else they feel very uncomfortable with.

Forcing an introvert to ‘come out of their shell’ will inevitably backfire and far from leaving the team building event with a raised morale, they are more likely to feel bitter that they’ve had to endure such an experience.  However, using a team building event to unearth skills that the introvert has is a different matter; for instance that person may well be very good at writing presentations, but because of their reluctance to speak in public it’s a skills that hasn’t been notice before.

Introverts are often logical minded and can be very methodical, they may also be extremely skilled in time management and paying attention to fine detail such as finances, skills needed in activities such as Investors’ Den or our Team Apprentice team building events.   They may also be in their element solving clues in one of our many treasure hunt style team building events.  Just because they don’t want to push themselves forward as team leader or project manager, doesn’t mean their input won’t be vital in the overall success of the team and that their ideas and suggestions are any less valid.

Choosing the correct team building event for introverts will ensure that every member of the team enjoys the day out, that they will feel more confident in themselves and the skills they offer to the team once back in the workplace.  In addition, their morale will have been lifted by being given the opportunity to show off what they can do without enduring any personal embarrassment.

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